• Submission Guidelines

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    Submission Guidelines

    • Keep the title and important information (who, what, when, where) in large font (24 pt. or larger for maximum readability)
    • Add a picture to grab viewer interest
    • Avoid irrelevant text and logos—only include a short description of the event if necessary
    • Contrast between light colored text and a dark colored background is important
    • If needed, provide a vanity URL or shortened URL that drives viewers to a webpage that has more information
    • Pay close attention to the orientation of your ad—is it portrait or landscape—if it is uploaded improperly, your ad will be stretched and/or unreadable
    • If your ad does not meet our quality standards for the digital screens, it will not be posted.
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    Main Panel Ads

      Size: 10.5” x 7” or 700px by 420px

    • All ads will be limited to 30 seconds
    • Landscape oriented
    • Submitted as PowerPoint, Flash (.swf), .wmv, .mov, .mpeg, .jpeg, .pdf, .bmp, .png
    • If using PowerPoint, make sure all animations are automatic and 1 slide
    • File size must be less than 20MB

    Side Panel Ads

      Size: 7” x 10” or 442px by 600px

    • Portrait Oriented
    • Should be submitted as .jpeg, .pdf, .bmp, .gif, .png
    • Font sizes of 32 or greater for legibility
    • Display time of 15 seconds
    • File size must be less than 20 MB